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I am delighted to endorse Craig Axford for Chair of the Utah State Democratic Party. I have had the unique pleasure of working very closely with Craig for a number of years. He is a clear thinker, an articulate spokesperson, and a true democrat. His knowledge of history, passion for the working guy, desire to grow the grass roots, and experience as an organizer and leader are qualities that supremely qualify him for this position. I am confident that, under Craig's leadership, we will grow this party, articulate our democratic values, and win elections.

Laura Bonham

I fully support Craig Axford's run for Utah Democratic Party Chair. I cannot think of anyone more qualified for the position. Our party needs to return to its roots. Craig Axford knows exactly what that means. With Craig Axford as Party Chair, there will be a new enthusiasm within the party which the party needs to move forward, fighting for the rights of ordinary citizens. I enthusiastically endorse Craig Axford for Utah Democratic Party Chair.

-Clarity Sanderson, Precinct Chair 4697 and delegate

 We encourage all Democrats and delegates to support Craig Axford for Utah Democratic Party Chair. Craig has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of every Utahn through his support for healthcare reform, clean elections, a living wage, and environmental stewardship. His commitment to Democratic principles, his organizational skills, and his personal integrity are essential qualities in a Democratic Party Chair capable of starting us down the road to a Democratic majority.

Royal and Susan DeLegge

The future challenges for our party are daunting. We need someone of vision, intelligence, and passion to guide us out of the quagmire of our present position to a new place of power and unity. We can rebuild our party, we can win, and we can effect real change that benefits all our citizens if we elect the right candidate as our state party leader. Craig Axford is the right candidate. His editorial in the December issue of the Progressive Voice, in which he and Laura Bonham makes the case for a more progressive Democratic Party, is an example of his clarity of the real issues under debate in this country. Craig's extraordinary insight, organizational skills, and his ability to interpret the diverse voices of Utah democrats into a chorus of cohesiveness make him the right candidate at this crucial time. Therefore, I gladly endorse and support Craig for the office of Utah Democratic Party Chair-please join me!

Peggy Howe
Executive Director
Davis County Democrats


21 February 2005,

Dear Fellow Democrat,
The time has come for Democratic Party to define itself, and to stop following the lead of the Republican Party. On May 7th, we have an opportunity to chart a new course with our party. Instead of taking the same, well worn path that has led to past frustration, heartbreak, and all too often, the middle of nowhere, we can choose a course that will brings us to a better day here in Utah - a day ripe with meaningful dialogue, fruitful compromise and robust debate. Positive change is ours if we only have the courage to seize it. It will not be an easy task, but then, nothing worth fighting for is. I believe a charge of this kind must be led by one of conviction, of compassion and of a willingness to engage the opposition with vigor.

Craig Axford is a man of deep, heartfelt conviction. His love of fairness and reason has propelled him to the front of many of the debates that have confronted us as citizens and as members of the Democratic Party. From health care to nuclear testing, Craig has spoken with passion and with courage to advocate for all citizens in this state, whether Republican or Democrat. Proven as a strong voice for Utah, Craig would certainly be a strong voice for the Democratic Party.
Please join me in supporting Craig Axford for Democratic State Chair. We define tomorrow with the choices we make today.


Charles Kimball
Former candidate for Salt Lake County Chair

Craig Axford brings a set of natural civic talents to public life uncommon in most people.

He is, at once, articulate and passionate in his ideas and ideals. His scope and understanding of the broad spectrum of social concerns and issues is unsurpassed. There is real creativity and solution orientation in his thinking. To top it off, he has organizational skills of the first order.

Having had the opportunity to work with Craig and observe his actions over time, I can't imagine a better choice for Utah State Democratic Chair. I heartily endorse him!

When Craig Axford is Party Chair, Utah Democrats will have the best advocate there is.

Dave Rowland
Co-founder & Ist Chair of the Green Party of Utah(1996-2001)
& since 2003, a proud returned Democrat

Over the past two years I have gotten to know Craig Axford in his capacity as Co-Chair of the Utah Democratic Progressive Caucus. Craig's concern for the well being of working class families through his advocacy for healthcare reform, a living wage and other issues is what the Democratic Party needs if we are going to grow as a party. I urge you to join me in supporting Craig Axford for Democratic Party Chair at this May's state convention.

Dr. Lauren Florence, MD

Please join me in offering your support to Craig Axford in his candidacy for Utah State Democratic Party Chair. Craig has proven he is a strong advocate for Utah's working family's. I am particularly grateful for his commitment to healthcare reform. As party chair his ability to focus on quality of life issues facing all of us is essential to building a stronger Democratic Party. I urge you to vote for Craig Axford as the Democratic Party's next chair at the Democratic Convention in May.

Dr. Joseph Jarvis, MD

We endorse Craig Axford's bid for the Chair of the Utah Democratic Party. He will provide sound leadership, integrity, and a commitment to democratic practices.

Craig will fight for and represent all Utahns on important issues that are being ignored by many legislators and government officials: health care, fair wages, equal rights, clean air and water, and sustainable land management practices. In the 2002 race for the 1st Congressional District, Craig was the most knowledgeable candidate who was in touch with the needs of the majority of district residents. Craig can be counted on to put the needs of Utahns over special interests groups.

Rob Morrison
Kim Buchanan

Craig Axford and Laura Bonham have demonstrated their ability to create an identity for the Democratic party that speaks to the true interests of the people of Utah. When they came to Kane County to oppose renewed nuclear testing our Republican leadership was dead set against giving the Democrats any traction. By the end of the meeting, our Republican leadership read the will of the people and passed a resolution opposing any nuclear testing. It's this sort of bold activism that will reinvigorate the Democratic Party in Utah.

We won't get anywhere trying to be a kinder gentler sort of Republican. It's been tried and it doesn't work either in Utah or across the country. It's only by showing that Democrats are the party of the people that Democrats can regain their mandate to govern.

That means taking the hard stances that Craig and Laura have always been willing to take. In promoting a single payer health care proposal they're ahead of the curve, but with over 50% of personal bankruptcies being medical expense related and the draconian new bankruptcy law now in force, single payer will prove to be a strong rallying point for Democratic activism.

And when it comes to campaigning, they've been courageous in taking the Republicans to task for the hypocrisy behind their patter about moral values while their real behavior kills innocent people in the name of their personal fortunes.

Honesty isn't always pretty, but it's always worthwhile. If you want political courage and political honesty, then you want Craig Axford and Laura Bonham as Chair and Vice Chair of the Utah Democratic Party.

Tom ForsytheChair, Kane County Democratic Party

Jen Kaufman, Secretary, Kane County Democratic Party

It is an honor and pleasure to endorse Craig Axford for Utah State Democratic Party Chair.
by George Lakoff is a work of genius.
I think it should be read by all of us and put to work! If we want to take back our country, we have to take back our state. If we want to take back our state, we need to take back the debate. Don't Think of an Elephant! provides us with the essential tools and is a detailed roadmap out of the mess we are in. I loved Lakoff's book and I feel reframing is our best hope for the future. I agree with Craig that "Lakoff's suggestions are worth careful consideration and discussion." Craig's extraordinary insight and leadership is exemplified by his sharing George Lakoff's unique insights with us.

Don Womack, CSAŽ
Delegate & State Central Committee member

David W. Randle currently works as president and executive director of the WHALE Center (Wellness Health And Lifestyle Education). Dave’s professional experience includes many different areas of leadership
development and cultural change.

He is also served as a speaker and
workshop leader in many national forums including one of the five lead off witnesses for the U.S. Presidential Commission on Peace Academy.

He has successfully coordinated a national campaign to preserve water, wildlife, and wilderness areas on behalf of the Pitkin County Commissioners, instituted Criminal Justice Reform within a County Jail System, served as political and environmental advisor to John Denver and initial program development coordinator for John Denver's Windstar
Foundation, served as program development coordinator, administrator and faculty for both the Colorado Mountain College Wellness Program and the Aspen Academy of Martial & Healing Arts, served as Wellness Director and Administrative Staff for Deaconess Health Systems in St. Louis, MO and helped lead a team of 150 persons at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Dave has a variety of consulting experiences including the program development, marketing, and administration of the Breakthrough Cruise on the Mississippi Queen and the Breakthrough to Excellence program at Walt Disney World, providing a feasibility study for HOK architectural firm and the Medical University of South Carolina $20 million Wellness/Student Center, the Snowbird Wellness Program, and the SLC VAMC Leadership Development & Breakthrough Commitment System.

In collaboration with the late Dr. Robert F. Allen, he developed the WHALE Kit that integrated both personal and organizational wellness concepts and has been used in centers around the world.

More recently Dave was selected as one of the 200 international
delegates to write the Charter for the United Religions Initiative
which was signed in June 2000. More recently Dave has been a
presenter at several international conferences including three at the United Nations, In cooperation with UNEP Dave developed a new Leadership program for the Earth and Faith UNEP publication, has worked to coordinate support for the Olympic truce, and hosted the First United Religions Initiative Regional Conference which was held in the Olympic Village in Salt Lake City, June 2001. Dave was selected to represent North America URI at the African Regional Assembly held in Nairobi, Kenya, October 2001 and hosted the International Conference
for the American Association of Pastoral Counselors where he was both a worshop leader and Conference presenter.

In the Past Dave has served as Precinct Chair for Snowmass Village, CO and worked as the Florida Religious Outreach Coordinator for both the Kerry Campaign and the DNC. He remains involved with both the National Democrats of Faith and serves on the Steering Committee for the National Council of Churches Let Justice Roll Campagin.

Along with Dr.. Noel Brown, former U.N. Environment Programme Director Dave co-facilitates the Global Healing Initiative and recently received both and Olympic Award for the Earth and Faith Leadership Development Program and an Award at the United Nations in NY for the Global Healing

During the Salt Lake Olympics Dave served as Ambassador for Peace, Justice and Healing The Earth for the Conch Republic.

Others supporting Craig Axford :


Pat and Boyer Jarvis, Salt Lake County residents and State delegates

Bill Luttrell, Salt Lake County resident and State delegate

Lew Jeppson, Former Chair of the Davis County Democrats

Greg Schulz, Salt Lake County Delegate and State Delegate

Judy Thomas, Sandy resident, mother, and recovering conservative

Steve Shamy , former candidate for Salt Lake County Council, and a delegate from Salt Lake County

Bob Eder, former Leg Chair for District 37

Kent Anderson, Delegate from Sandy

Scott and Valerie Peterson, state delegates from Tooele County

Cyril H.Noble, delegate and newly elected Washington County Chair

Brian Watkins, Salt Lake County resident and Democrat

Kirk Wangsgard, Davis County Delegate

Carla Daniel, Davis County Delegate

Michael Mielke, Salt Lake County Resident

Marah Rohovit, Delegate and Owner of Studio42gallery

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